SAMSAN Technische Labs

AVN Infotainment System

We care for customer’s safety and convenience via our state-of-the-art infotainment system which gives you all kinds of information and entertainment in one system. Our infotainment system, as an integrated car system, is able to provide various functions such as navigation, digital dash, trip computer, AV system, mobile, TV, MP3, Audio and connection with external devices. Through our system, you can enjoy abundant contents received from smart devices. Furthermore you can experience high-tech functions such as in-car information, routine vehicle inspection notice, voice recognition and car alarm system.

Module for Vehicle

Gnapse is working to develop specific modules needed in infotainment system. In case imported cars don’t have navigation or drivers’ preferred map is required, we are able to provide only Box Navigation with such demands. Also we provide mobile TV solution suitable for each country's feature.

Travel & Comfort System

Gnapse is devoting to provide more convenient and safer systems for drivers and more enjoyable and more comfortable systems for passengers. Our Travel & Comfort System provides drivers with ETC terminal to enable a speedy passage through the tollgate and passengers with various forms of entertainment, video, email, and a video conference to perform a role of Moving Office or Moving Parlor.