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PiknikNow - Discover, Share, Explore! Find unique picnic spots nearby. Share your travel stories with fellow explorers. Plan your next adventure to unexplored destinations. A must-have app for travel enthusiasts, photography lovers, and everyone in the social media generation.


PikNikNOW is a social application to :
• Explore the unique/unexplored picnic spots nearby.
• Share your stories on what you enjoyed to fellow travelers
• Express on travel stories
• Plan your next travel to a new unexplored picnic spot


• Simple registration to get registered
• Browse and navigate through the picnic spots available shared by fellow travelers
• Explore picnic spots based on your interests, nearby, locations, recommendations
• Create and share your travel experience or the spots that you know to fellow travelers with photos and videos
• Express your opinions on the picnic spots by Like, Comments, Share, follow
• Listen to stories, read in your own language

Technology Stack:

1. Front-End - Flutter
2. Back-End - ASP.NET using C#
3. Database - PostgreSQL
4. Cloud - AWS


Revolutionizing Staffing in High-Tech Industries. Our AI-powered, cloud-native SaaS web app streamlines talent acquisition & strategic deployment. Unite candidates, recruiters, & placement companies for seamless tech projects. Catering to automotive software, semiconductor chip design & more, we optimize the staffing journey with advanced analytics & intelligent algorithms.

Key Features:
1. Seamless Connectivity
2. Tailored for High-Tech Industries
3. AI-Powered Intelligence
4. Cloud-Native and Scalable
5. Streamlined Talent Acquisition
6. Focused Deployment


STAFD is a unique web app that connects candidates, recruiters, placement companies together and focuses on addressing specific challenges in staffing large and technology development projects in high tech companies like automotive software, semiconductor chip design and the likes. It’s an AI powered cloud native SaaS Web App that enabled Staffing Process Optimization by Smart way to Talent Acquisition and Focused Deployment.


• Registration
• Filter/Search Jobs.
• Build multiple resumes /JD’s.
• Preview the resumes /JD’s.
• Download resumes / JD’s.
• Share resumes
• Visibility on resumes
• Export multiple resumes data in excel.
• Save jobs for review later.
• Apply for Jobs.
• View the Jobs.
• View invited Jobs.

Technology Stack:

1. Front-End - • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • Angular
2. Back-End - • Flask • Python
3. Database - • SQL
4. Cloud - • AWS


TeKnoWiz: Transforming Learning with 3D Graphics. Immerse in interactive 3D learning, surpassing 2D. Visualize abstract ideas, scientific phenomena, engineering processes for enhanced understanding of spatial relationships and principles.

Predictive Analytics and Prognosis

Predictive Maintenance is a proactive method for upkeep in industrial assets like truck engines, jet engines, wind turbines, oil pumps, etc. employing Predictive Analytics models.
These models analyse sensor data and other inputs to identify anomalies, monitor component health, and crucially, estimate the remaining useful life (RUL). With predictive maintenance, you can schedule maintenance at the optimal time – neither too early nor too late.

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Tire Quality Mark Detection

Pioneering Tire Code Detection & Recognition. Our system excels at detecting low-contrast codes on tire sidewalls, offering vital data for Tire Condition Monitoring. Utilizing advanced Image Processing, we identify tiny logos, thwarting counterfeit tires. Unparalleled accuracy & road safety.