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Embedded Solutions

Excellence in Product Design Engineering for High-Tech Industries. With a profound focus on automotive, industrial, and smart building/lighting sectors, we specialize in crafting embedded devices/products that elevate your business to new heights. Our end-to-end services encompass consulting, development, and staffing, covering a diverse range of domains such as embedded hardware, platform software (device drivers/BSP), middleware, HMI/applications, and specialized tools. Take advantage of our cutting-edge solutions in AUTOSAR, Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, and HMI, propelling your projects with unmatched precision and innovation.

Excellence in Product Design Engineering for High-Tech Industries

Embedded Software

Embedded platform software, middleware and applications for various MCU and devices and operating systems Device drivers / BSP, AUTOSAR framework, middleware components, HMIs, Communication and connectivity protocols, custom Tools

Internet of Things

Analog to Digital, IoT System Development, Gateways, connectivity protocols, Backend Infrastructure / frameworks / cloud, Data Management & Analytics, AI / ML / DL, management applications

Hardware Design

Electronic System Design, Electronic Circuit Design, SoC/SoM/ SBC based electronics, Layout, Simulations /testing Automotive, Industrial, IoT, Custom

Verification & Validation

Functional / Protocol / System Integration / Interoperability / Regression / Environmental / Matlab Simulink / Labview / Rhapsody / Cantata++ / dSpace HIL

Consulting – AUTOSAR, Functional Safety & Cybersecurity

Consulting in AUTOSAR and Functional Safety, Cybersecurity

Automotive Embedded Solutions and Products

Engineering Embedded Solutions and Products