SAMSAN Technische Labs

Embedded Solutions

Real-time Vehicle Health Monitoring System (V-Scope)

Unlocking Vehicle Performance: V-Scope optimizes payload & vibrations, elevating efficiency. Our real-time system offers insights for:

1. Proactive Maintenance
2. Alerts & Safety Advisories
3. Route Monitoring & Optimization
4. Driver/Passenger/Cargo Safety
5. Utilization Monitoring
6. Indirect Energy Optimization.

TMU (Telematics Unit)

TMU: Telematics Service for Vehicles. Supports GSM, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA, EV-DO, LTE & GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo for location services.

• Remote Door Lock/Unlock
• SOS (E-Call, Emergency Call)
• Vehicle Management (VRM, Vehicle Relationship Management)

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Predictive Analytics and Prognosis

Predictive Maintenance is a proactive method for upkeep in industrial assets like truck engines, jet engines, wind turbines, oil pumps, etc. employing Predictive Analytics models.

These models analyze sensor data and other inputs to identify anomalies, monitor component health, and crucially, estimate the remaining useful life (RUL). With predictive maintenance, you can schedule maintenance at the optimal time – neither too early nor too late.

DTV (Digital Television)

GNAPSE’s Mobile TV: Ideal for Global Broadcasting Standards. Safety features like auto-off while moving & EPG included.

Mobile TV Solutions:

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)

GNAPSE's ETC Terminal: Integrated with Rear View Mirror for Unobstructed View. ETC circuits on mirror's back ensure reliable toll-fee charging. Voice service, LED for convenience, and no battery changes required for drivers.

Tire Quality Mark Detection)

Pioneering Tire Code Detection & Recognition. Our system excels at detecting low-contrast codes on tire sidewalls, offering vital data for Tire Condition Monitoring. Utilizing advanced Image Processing, we identify tiny logos, thwarting counterfeit tires. Unparalleled accuracy & road safety.