SAMSAN Technische Labs

Consulting - Technical & Management

We provide expert guidance and support in the following areas:

• Digital Transformation: We assist businesses in adopting digital technologies to enhance their operations and stay competitive.

• Program Management: We offer strategic oversight and coordination of projects to ensure their successful execution.

• Technology Practice or Centre of Excellence (CoE): We help organizations build and manage dedicated teams focused on specific technologies or domains.

Permanent Hire
Contract Staffing
Contract to Hire
Build- Operate-Transfer

Helps business to get the best of the talent in a strategic role

Our Approach

Discuss & understand your position objectives and requirements

Search candidates from contacts, screen, shortlist & recommend

Coordinate with client from candidate shortlisting to onboarding

One time fee

To manage the uncertainly & flexibility in technical team

Our Approach

Discuss & understand your project objectives and resource requirements

Search, shortlist, screen and recommend candidates from our existing database of resources

Coordinate untill onboarding

Monthly rate

Option to hire the resources already working on contract

Our Approach

The resources already on contract can be transfered to customer role for a win-win approach

The option can be provided after 12 months of work on contract

For bright candidates for long term benefit of customers

Monthly rate transfer fee

Acquire a tried/tested & operational team

Our Approach

Build & nurture a fresh team for a predefined competence or program and make it productive & operationalize

Option to transfer the team to customer keeping the efficiency same or better

Monthly rate transfer fee