SAMSAN Technische Labs

Auto Embedded Solutions

Cockpit Solutions on Telechips

World-class Intelligent Cockpit Solutions for Automotive Industry. G&S, with rich embedded OS expertise, offers world-class intelligent cockpit solutions for global OEMs and Tier1s. Our integrated, multi-display eCockpit includes cluster, infotainment, telematics, smart mirrors, heads-up display, and navigation projections. Enjoy seamless connectivity with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 6 / Bluetooth LE, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Stay connected with TCU, OTA updates / Firmware OTA, cloud connectivity, and analytics features for driver performance, coaching, and monitoring. Our safety-focused features include DMS, Surround View, ADAS connectivity, gesture, voice, and cyber security.

Audio, Video, Navigation & Telematics (AVN/T)

Enhancing Safety and Convenience with our Advanced Infotainment System. Our state-of-the-art infotainment system seamlessly integrates various functionalities, transforming your driving experience. Enjoy navigation, digital dash, trip computer, AV system, mobile connectivity, and more. Immerse in abundant content from smart devices, unlocking endless entertainment on the go. Experience high-tech features like in-car information, vehicle inspection reminders, voice recognition, and an intuitive car alarm system. Embrace safety, connectivity, and entertainment with our cutting-edge infotainment system, designed for you.

Smart Cluster

Smart AVN is AV which all applications of a smart phone mainly including Navigation are connected to. Even though smart AVN itself has only basic functions such as radio and BlueTooth, it is able to provide abundant contents including navigation and multimedia by connectivity with a smart phone. It is cost-effective and doesn’t need application upgrade.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Safer Driving with Advanced Facial Expression Tracking. Our cutting-edge DMS tracks facial expressions in real-time, detecting drowsiness and distraction. Proactive audio/visual alarms and engine torque control ensure enhanced safety. Utilizing CAN data for seamless HMI, our solution offers precise vehicle movement control, adapting to response modes for a secure driving experience.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Elevating Road Safety with Traffic Sign Recognition. As a vital component of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Traffic Sign Recognition plays a crucial role in detecting and interpreting traffic signs on the road, alerting drivers to relevant traffic rules and warnings against any potential violations. Experience enhanced road safety and driver assistance through our advanced Traffic Sign Recognition solution.

Box Navigation

GNAPSE’s Box Navigation: Versatile Video Output (Analog RGB, GVIF, LVDS). Real 3D Map & Multimedia options available.

4 Types offered:
1. Navigation only (2D or 3D Map)
2. Navigation + Multimedia (Music, Movie)
3. Navigation + Telematics (Real Time Traffic Info)
4. Navigation + GNAPSE Smart Link.

Rear Seat Entertainment – Roof Type and Seat Back Type

Smart Connectivity by GNAPSE: Expanding Beyond Smart TV to Smart Car. Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) Monitor mirrors smart devices, granting passenger control. RSE Monitor offers movie, music, DVD functions, with wireless headset & separate remote for driver safety.